DIY: Workspace

In the spirit of my last post, I wanted to bring you all some easy ways I keep my workspace looking nice, and give some insight into how I get work done.

The goal of any workspace should be productivity. I struggle fighting the intoxicating power of sleep when I spend countless hours at my desk, however I have some tips for how you can make your space productive (and cute!).

I always use the mantra “Look good, feel good,” so why should my workspace be any different? If my workspace is cute, I feel more inclined to spend hours sitting there. My perfect workspace combines my love of neutrals, plants, and minimalism.


I have this desk from Ikea. It’s perfect for a small space, it’s classic, and it’s minimal.

I recommend using a desk that allows for lots or creative freedom, a wide open space with room to stretch your work out on. Here is one of my favorites from West Elm .


I use a standard pencil organizer from Target that’s absolutely adorable. To organize my papers I like to use a standard paper tray, and West Elm offers a really cute option! I like the West Elm set of Foxed Mirror office supplies because it matches my Target lamp well. To keep my space open to my creative mess, I think utilizing a side cart is a great way to manage your desk essentials while leaving room to work. Here is a great option from Ikea. If you are a maker and have many craft items you need to keep near your workspace, I recommend using a side cart. You can organize each shelf with different bins so all your essentials are at your fingertips.

Décor on a budget tip: I like to use a wooden tray table as a paper organizer or even a portable desk! It’s a cute way to add dimensions to your desk space, and you can place cute paperweights on it!


I like to keep my workspace pretty minimal. I don’t like having too much clutter lying around, so when it comes to décor I like to have just a couple of plants on my desk. I only get my succulents from a small nursery in Austin, and I keep them in a small planter from Ikea (similar here). I find that having a touch of green on my desk really helps brighten my day.

I hope this helps you work more efficiently now that your desk looks beautiful! How do you work best? Did this post help you in your workspace? I’d love to hear from all of you!