Fresh Faced // Daily Beauty Routine

After questions from you all on what products I use/what my beauty routine is, I decided to give you all a small look into my daily routine. 

It has been an uphill battle, friends, trying to find products that work for my skin and hair types. After years of trial and error, I feel as though I finally have a good routine down. That being said, if you are a beauty guru and have tips, I'm all ears!

I'm a firm believer in twice-a-day face washing - I can't sleep at night if I have a dirty face. There's just something so beautiful about going to bed and waking up fresh faced. My beauty routines are very basic because on a daily basis I don't really need to do too much - plus I have very sensitive skin that gets easily irritated. The foundation on which I started my skin/haircare journey is the idea of natural beauty. I want to feel confident in my natural skin and hair... and maybe one day look like Kiera Knightly without make-up (one can only hope). I try to find products that are natural, minimal in ingredients, and good for extra sensitive skin - here is what I've found.


My hair, as I have told you all before, can be a mess of crazy curls or awkward waves. Currently I'm trying to grow it out, and I want it to be as healthy as possible. This means keeping hot irons and blow driers to a minimum and loading up on the moisture, especially in these dry months. My hair goals are obviously Kate Middleton who rocks the ever-elusive "rich girl hair," essentially this is the hair that always looks incredibly perfect and hydrated - my ultimate hair desire. 

To keep my hair looking smooth and silky I use Verb Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. I really like the way these products feel. They go on smooth and never tear apart my hair like some shampoos do. After my shower I apply Verb Ghost Oil to lock in all the moisture I can. Once a week or so I use the Verb Hydrating Mask to help repair some latent damage from a week of non-stop running around. Typically when I style my hair I like to add a little volume and I apply Verb Dry Shampoo to my roots for added lift - guys, this stuff is a dream. I love the way my hair looks effortlessly tousled.


Winter is very rough on my skin. I always have problems keeping it hydrated. After months of peeling from severe dehydration, I popped over to my local Origins store. OMG guys, Origins has saved my face - I can't imagine going back to where I was before this.

My absolute favorite product from Origins is the "Clean Energy" Cleansing Oil. It rubs on like an oil and washes of like a milk. It adds that little extra boost of moisture I need, and it smells amazing. Washing my face has become my favorite part of the day - it's relaxing, cleansing, and joyful. I love being able to have a couple of minutes to myself.

After I finish washing my face I use Origins Make A Difference Plus + Rejuvenating Lotion every morning and evening. I have never found a moisturizer that didn't cause me to break out, but this Origins lotion has changed the game. I have never had any problems with it and it doesn't clog my pores - a huge problem for me. 


I just wanted to give you guys a small peak at my make-up routine since I was already making this post. I think it goes hand-in-hand with skincare, and for all my sensitive skin gals out there, this one's for you. 

So, we all know by now that I have sensitive skin, however I also have a really hard time keeping blackheads away - gross. It's something I have always struggled with, and generic make-up foundations make everything worse. For a long time I stayed away from anything resembling full coverage, but recently I stumbled onto a foundation/concealer duo that has changed my life. To start, I always use Clinique Superprimer - alright, this little guy has saved my face from intense blackheads. Ladies, if you have any blackhead/breakout problems like I do and ALSO have sensitive skin, this guy is for you. After priming my face, I use Clinique Beyond Perfecting Concealer+Foundation. It goes on even, is silky smooth, and covers even the tiniest blemish without added makeup. To spread my makeup I use an Oval brush set (similar to the Artis brushes), which if you haven't tried these brushes out, you really should. Make-up goes on seamlessly, is never spotty, and looks radiant. 

And there you have it! One small glimpse into my daily routine. I try to keep everything simple and minimal, utilizing quality products for my face and hair. It's so important to take care of yourself, and my beauty routine is one piece of my day I have found to be very enjoyable. 

New Beauty Routine: Arbonne

I recently started using Arbonne face and body products in my beauty routine. I have naturally sensitive skin that, as I go through my twenties, is still changing with my hormones. I have days of oily skin on my face and dry skin on my body, horrible black heads, and an occasional pimple pop-up. I’ve been having a really difficult time finding products that don’t irritate my skin, while clearing it of its imperfections. When I look for new products, I want products that are all natural, vegan, and simple. That’s how I discovered Arbonne.

A little about the company.

Arbonne prides itself on using all-natural, botanically based ingredients. Arbonne goes above and beyond to curate quality products by always improving the ingredients they use.

A little about the products.

The products are clean and sleek, even down to the smallest detail; the design. The bottle design is minimal with a touch of color, featuring elegant lettering and a simple text layout.

My thoughts.

I’ve been using the Arbonne Calm collection’s Gentle Daily Cleanser and Soothing Eye Gel, and they have made a world of difference for my face. The daily cleanser purifies and cleans out pores to give your face a brighter, healthier glow, and the eye gel moisturizes and lightens dark under-eye circles. I use the daily cleanser every morning and night to clean my face before using the eye gel. I saw a difference in the lightness of my face within a week. Additional to skincare, I’ve also been using the Arbonne Awaken Sea Salt Scrub for my dry skin. I noticed improvement in the moisture and shine of my skin in one day! Arbonne products have a very long lifetime, I only have to use a little bit to fulfill my beauty needs.

I found out about Arbonne and bought my products through Melissa Stephenson, a friend and fellow creative. She works with Arbonne to educate people on healthy beauty and lifestyle products. I enjoyed spending time with my dear friend and grabbing some really amazing products while I was at it. If you grab your products through her shop,, there’s a special free gift for all my readers when you comment on this post after purchasing. Plus, if you sign up to be a preferred customer with a one-time fee of $20, you’ll get an additional 20% off of every order you purchase for the next year (talk about shopping beauty products on a budget).

I have had such great experiences with my Arbonne products, and I hope you all do as well.